Estate Planning For Probate Avoidance

      “Dismantling the myth that Estate Planning is only for the wealthy…”

 At TEPS LAW, my mission is to give you PEACE OF MIND.

Are you truly prepared if something happens to you TODAY?

    • People die unexpectedly every day. Health conditions come out of nowhere with many illnesses giving the person just months to live.

Do you have 100% assurance your life’s hard work is going to pass down to those you   love?

    • If you have accumulated any assets and don’t have a probate avoidance estate plan, there is no guarantee your assets will be passed down to your family and loved ones.

How would it make you FEEL if your family and loved ones missed out on your life’s hard   work? Or worse, your assets drained by attorney fees and court costs because of   probate?

    • At TEPS LAW, my goal is to give you Peace of Mind that your Estate Plan is properly in place. The steps to do so can be quite simple.

Why Probate should be avoided:

  • In Probate administration, the court is heavily involved in the distribution of assets to your family and loved ones.
  • Probate isn’t private as it exposes your financial matters to the public.
  • Probate is time consuming which delays the distribution of your assets to family and loved ones.


    • By using effective estate planning tools such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives, it will save your family and loved ones the time and expense of Probate.

    “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children…” Proverbs 13:22

    At TEPS LAW, my main goal is PROBATE AVOIDANCE.

    WHY TEPS LAW? Here’s what I offer all of my clients:

      • All fees are flat and zero billable hours.
      • Introductory consultation (zoom or telephonic).
      • Simple and easy to follow summaries of proposed estate plan.
      • Completed estate plan in 10 business days or less.*
      • Up to 3 complimentary revisions of estate plan draft documents.
      • Secure communications (i.e., email, instant messages, texts) via my client portal.
      • PROBATE AVOIDANCE STRATEGY for all your assets at no additional fee.
      • Secure payment invoicing through my client portal.
      • All Trust plans include one deed transfer or an assignment to your Trust.
      • Trust plan includes a Certificate of Trust.
      • All Florida deeds recorded electronically.
      • All Wills include a Memorandum Directing Distribution of Your Personal Property.
      • All General Durable Power of Attorney documents include agent and principal affidavits for future use.
      • Healthcare related documents provided to your doctor’s office.
      • Remote clients will receive detailed estate plan execution instructions.

      * Completion time frame based on client responsiveness.

      Let’s see if you’re a candidate. Click the link below to schedule an estate planning discovery session.