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We all have an annual obligation to file tax returns, individuals as well as businesses. Failure to file your tax return can result in civil tax penalties such as a failure to file penalty and, potentially, a failure to pay the penalty, plus interest. Also, failure to file a tax return within three years of the original filing due date will result in losing your claim to any tax refund that you otherwise would have received.

Selecting the right tax professional to advise on tax compliance matters is an important decision. There are several benefits to hiring a tax attorney. Some of them include eliminating the need to understand complicated tax laws, saving you money by identifying tax deductions, tax planning for current and future tax years, and saving you valuable time. Whether you are seeking tax guidance for your personal finances or for a business venture, TEPS LAW, LLC can help.

Representation in Tax Controversies

We can prepare clients for audits and effectively challenge the government’s basis for the tax underpayment, as well as represent you before the IRS at all stages, including audits, appeals, and collections. If we are not able to eliminate or reduce the proposed tax deficiency, we can negotiate on your behalf for an installment agreement payment plan, offers in compromise, or abatement of penalties and interest.

Contact Our Firm For All Your Tax Compliance Needs

Contact TEPS LAW, LLC today to speak with an attorney that understands tax compliance for both individual taxpayers and for businesses. You can contact us online or by calling 954-710-9400 to schedule a free initial consultation. We now offer additional appointment options for your convenience. Contact us to schedule your virtual or telephonic initial consultation.

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